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How does my Cocoon Foundation arrive?

Our Cocoon Foundation ships broken down in a box via UPS. Once it arrives, you can easily assemble your new foundation following these steps below or here.

Pre-assembly Instructions:

Remove side pieces and end pieces from box. Unwrap rubber band at joint locations and remove Fast Loc Pins from the Fast Loc Blocks. Lay all components separately on the floor. 

Step 1: Align Fast Loc blocks in each of the four corners,

Step 2: Insert Fast Loc Pins into each of the 4 Fast Loc Blocks, pushing firmly to ensure proper alignment. 

  • Warning: When removing the Fast Loc Pins, only PULL from the top. DO NOT PUSH the pins from the bottom as they may pop out at a high velocity. 

Step 3: Line up end of each Support Flat with the corresponding "Tapered Slide Connector" and firmly push down into place, making sure the "Up Arrow" faces upward. 

Step 4: Start one end of each Support Slat Pack against the head/footboard, with the male Velcro facing down to firmly catch the female Velcro contact point on each side rail. Unroll the Slat Packs towards the center fully extending them. 

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